The futurlabor - Institute for Systemic Future Design gives wings to sustainable change processes through systemic support, training and coaching.

Inspire change processes

Yes, shaping the future can feel easy.
We know from our own experience that complex processes often feel the opposite. In order to ensure that all those involved are heard and valued, we take the pressure off coordinators with a protected framework for reflection, in strategy development and with very specific services such as concept development, result- and goal-oriented moderation of events and decisive meetings, as well as designing communication and evaluation processes.

Reaching Sustainable Development Goals

A good life for all - leaving no one behind
Our goal is to contribute to a more effective, pleasant and somewhat easier achievement of the SDGs by accompanying and supporting people with ideas and responsibility for sustainable projects, organizations and companies.  In our work, we focus on searching and finding viable options that increase the likelihood of a grandchildren's future with a good life for all.

The power of thought is invisible like the seed from which a giant tree grows. It is the source of the visible changes in human life." 


We accompany you on your way.