Systemic coaching: creating space for your future 

Sorting your own thoughts, creating a clear picture of the future and developing a strategy for action - this is easier in times of upheaval with the support of a person who listens empathetically, structures the train of thought and consistently keeps the focus on the desired target state. A coaching conversation helps you to get your bearings, to reconcile convincing arguments and your own gut feeling to make decisions that feel good in the long term.

Systemic questions for future and career planning

  • What values do you want to stand for? 
  • How would your environment know that you have found a suitable strategy for yourself? 
  • What long-term development do you want for the world and for the environment of your life? 
  • What could you still do today to support this development? 
  • Which world view would you like to give your children (in the future) on the way?

As coaches we accompany you on your way to a harmonious future and career planning. From the first change request, through the development of a vision to the concrete planning of the implementation - and if you like, during the entire process - we are happy to help you!

Voice from a long-standing manager in a professional reorientation:

“Thanks again for the coaching. With your support, I have developed new, enriching perspectives on my concerns. It was good that the previous view was simply “allowed to be” instead of being pushed aside as bad or wrong. What I found particularly valuable for my process was your attitude: You not only master methodologically developing and bringing together the different perspectives, but you radiate this with your vita and your personality. ”

Our coaching offers


We would be happy to accompany you in our consultation rooms, on a walk in the park or on your premises.


Wherever you are: We accompany you in clarifying your concerns - by video conference on the channel of your choice.

Collegial coaching

Reflect as a team and learn to deal with challenges together - we give you the tools and framework for it.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

Our prices are based on your needs and options. After a free initial consultation, we will create an individual offer for you depending on your concerns.