Our Key: Systems Thinking, Systems Practise & Appreciation

Structured, creative and productive work is often easier with external moderation/ facilitation.

On the basis of a preliminary discussion, we develop an individual concept for you to solve your problem. Depending on the topic, this includes common and individual target setting for the participants, activating phases for gathering ideas, methods for structuring the results and bringing them together to form a motivating and manageable agenda. We create a documentation for you with the help of which you can put your work results into practice. 

Systemic moderation differs from classic moderation

This begins with the initial question: "If you are on your way home after this event, you are satisfied and have the feeling "It was worth it!" - What happened then? "

We work with:

• tailor-made methodical units 
• the basis of a preliminary discussion 
• targeted systemic questioning techniques 
• appreciative mirroring and summarizing 
• scaled securing of results 
• clarifying visualization 
• consistent solution orientation

Surely you already have initial ideas about what your event, retreat or network meeting should look like so that you can achieve the desired results. Our prices are based on your options. We would be happy to advise you on specific implementation options. Just talk to us.

Systemic questions for teams and groups 

• What is our greatest commonality and what defines the diversity of our interests and motivations? 
• Which challenge would you definitely reject as a group? 
• What would be the ideal travel route and form of transportation for a joint trip around the world? 
• In which country would you feel most comfortable together? And which form of accommodation would cost a great deal of overcoming? 
• What is the unwritten rule that defines your team and what would happen if you gave up experimenting for a day? 
• If your project goal was a mountain, what would it be special and which strategies would guarantee that the summit would be reached?

Past moderations (selection):


Education for Transformation. But how?! 

UN Sustainable Development Goals / A mandate for adult education

Event moderation on behalf of RENN.nord, KEAN and VNB


How can education contribute to the achievement of the SDGs in Lower Saxony?

Invitation to the impulse workshop with network time

Event concept and moderation for BNE impulse e.V.