What do you need to shape the future?

We accompany you with expertise and effective, systemic methods for transformation.


What would you like to see in the future?

How would you notice in five years that something has changed in this direction? 

"futurlabor" offers you space to find answers to these questions. We are at your side with our experience in facilitating complex change processes. Our effective systemic methods of moderation, advice and coaching focus on finding solutions - for your organization, for your project or network or for you personally in individual coaching. We support you in achieving your goals and desired impact. Step by step.

What do you need, specifically?

Solving complex systemic challenges

Our systemic coaching for networks, organizations, companies, teams and individuals enables clear visions of the future and the activation of common resources for the implementation of the vision with more effect.

Build and strengthen networks

Change begins with people's ability to support each other in rethinking: We initiate collegial coaching programs - across organizations, across topics and sectors or as an internal offer for networks who want to evolve into a living, learning organization.

Conception of innovative event formats

We create and facilitate (online) events and educational formats for innovation, networking and decision-making processes such as future conferences, future days for teams, multi-year network coaching and cross-network "co-creation".

Social innovation processes

How can we renew ourselves as a society? We design processes that support people in the implementation of transformation. As a hub in the network of the Presencing Institute, we create space for cross-sector, regenerative cooperation.

Visualization & Graphic Recording

The results of events are better remembered in word-picture combinations - we develop illustrations of complex topics for you, the graphic results of (online) workshops and concepts for visual facilitation, especially in the digital space.

Moderation and Facilitation

Systemically designed events provide inspiration, empowerment and thus give impetus to the implementation of newly developed ideas - with appreciative - solution-oriented attitude, we create the framework.

Our methods, our attitude

We work with systemic ways of thinking and acting. For us, this means to see people and the contexts in which they operate as living systems that perform meaningful self-organization for themselves. If there is tension and stress inside a "system" (individual, team, organization) or little effectiveness outside, we use systemic questions to broaden the perspective of the system with regard to solutions.

We create a pleasant, trusting framework for clarifying concerns and developing new solutions by creating space for reflection, reorientation and creative-strategic thinking ahead. This systemic attitude increases awareness of one's own resources, the value of others' perspectives, and thus releases energy to see new opportunities and to put them into practice.


How we accompany you

"There is a magic in every beginning ..." (Hermann Hesse) -  We accompany you step by step on your way, even if the "magic" should abate:


In a non-binding conversation via phone or video conference, we get to know each other and clarify your questions.

First session

Based on your goal definition, we collect your desired development steps and set the framework for our cooperation.


Based on your goals, we accompany you through your change process. We create a tailor-made experience for your.


Together we will check how far you have come to your goals and what are the next steps for you.

Voices about our work

"With us, Susanne Rodemann-Kalkan has prepared and carried out several workshops for the development of a large project - an extremely positive experience. Open, devoted and interested in the content, she helped us to identify our goals and structure the daily stages. She followed us up The search for the relevant questions and methods suggested with which the group would make the best progress in the respective situation. In the workshops themselves, they conveyed the feeling of security and flexibility in equal measure: The diversity and diversity of the participants can develop and interact with one another. Going through resonance without the process becoming unstructured or getting out of hand, so we always ended the workshop days with the certainty that we had made good progress. Serene and focused, always serious about the matter and cheerful at the same time - that would be me Susanne Rodemann-Kalkans extremely pleasant and successful describe great ways to work. "

Annette Jensen - journalist & author (including "Happiness economy"/ oekom), founder of the initiative "Tempelhof Vision: The Tempelhof airport building as a common good"


Which project may we accompany you on?

Imagine that we worked together on your topics - you are satisfied and have the feeling "It was worth it!" - What happened then? 

We look forward to your answer!

Susanne Rodemann-Kalkan
Systemic Coach (SG), Environmental scientist & Founder of futurlabor